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Club DAO is decentralised, meaning that the activity of our organsiation is controlled by several authorities rather than one; we call these authorities ‘circles’. 


Lightleaders, members, creatives, scholars and grantees join circles within the club that serve our mission, our partners, and our new paradigm ventures.

Currently we have 14 circles;

  • Finance

  • Mission 

  • Governance 

  • Spiritual 

  • Tech Stack

  • Events

  • Marketing, Sponsorship & Partnership 

  • Land Based

  • Venture Building

  • Coherence Agents

  • Community Building 

  • Media and Education

  • Human Optimization 

  • Creative Expression



A circle must have a minimum of 3 members to be considered active, and a maximum of 8; when a circle exceeds 8 members it fractalises to create a sub-circle or a new circle with its own objective.  


Each circle has a lamplighter, facilitator and treasurer:


“lamplighter” responsible for keeping the circle on mission, accountable and organized, as well as representing the voice of the circle to others. 


“facilitator” holding space for coherent interactions with members of their circle. 


“treasurer” responsible for managing funds within the circle. 


Each circle has automonty, with rights to decide how they govern. New circles start with consensus minus one.


Forming circles 

Anyone in the DAO who is inspired to create a new circle can propose it to the overall DAO and assume responsibility to be the initial lamplighter if it passes.


To learn more about circles, to join club DAO and participate in a circle, or to apply this type of structure to your organization, simply get in touch.

Club DAO venture builds new paradigm solutions internally and externally; giving birth to new ideas and collaborations as a club, and providing venture building services to non-member organsiations. 

Our circles can be CONTRACTED to provide a full range of skills + offerings.

Branding  |  Graphic design  |  Content creation   |  Financial modeling  |  Sales and CRM 
Marketing and storytelling  |  Go-to-market strategy  |  Financial modeling  |  Raising capital
Investor readiness  |  Alternative governance structures  |  Tokenomics  |  Spiritual council 
Tech support  |  Event management  |  Strategic Partnership building
Land based development services  |  Venture building  |  Community building
Human optimisation  |  Creative arts; music, art, fashion, performance etc
Private legal structures  |  Tax exempt banking  |  DAO creation

For start-ups we offer equity exchange. 

For revenue generating / cash positive organizations we offer bespoke pricing. 

We consider investments in impact organizations with a positive ROI. 


Club DAO believes that DAO’s are the new paradigm organsiation structure; primarily because of its close relationship to the spiritual TAO. 


The TAO is unfathomable, it gives birth to everything. It is the center of nothingness, and the source of all. With this philosophy, we are reminded that we are all one, coming from the same center, and therefore nothing can be hidden from yourself, or others. All information, everything that ever happened or will happen, is stored and remembered in the TAO. 


Well, similarly to the spiritual TAO, the technological DAO enables this for our projects, organizations and communities. All records, transactions, decisions and activity can be stored in the DAO and on-chain so that they are permanent, immutable, and transparent for all to see. 


Aligning technology with spirit is the embodiment of the new paradigm.


In addition to transparency and immutability, the DAO enables


DAO’s have the ability to form relationships with other DAO’s, and for token exchanges to take place such that one member can move value from one DAO to another. Investing or earning value in one DAO all of a sudden enables the contributor to interact with all associated DAO’s; unlocking a network of organisations / communities to engage with outside of traditional systems. These interactions can all happen on-chain, with new currencies / modes of exchange such that FIAT currency is never needed. For this reason, DAO’s and blockchain technology provide the core infrastructure for a new economy to emerge. 


Communication, organisation and scalability 

It is obvious that Transparency leads to better communication, but how does this really help an organisation scale? Well, imagine logging in to the DAO and seeing every member that belongs to the organisation. With the click of a button you can see every member, the role they are playing, the circles they belong to, the decisions they are making, the compensation they are receiving, vacant roles available for applications, how much money the organsiation has in the treasury, as well as it’s founding documents, policies and bylaws. With all this data stored in one location, for all members to see, it is much easier to get an understanding of what and where the organsiation / community is at any given point, as well as how to get involved. This also streamlines the due diligence process of investors and potential partners. 

Alternative governance structures 

There are many ways to govern an organisation or community; dictatorship, democracy, cooperative, consensus, sociocratic, holacratic are just a few examples. While a DAO can still be structured with a top down hierarchy in a dictatorial fashion, the emerging technology has attracted new ways of governing that consider the voice of the whole. Previously it was very difficult to implement a transparent voting system. however, with on-chain voting and transparency within a DAO, it is now easier than ever for members of an organsiation to make proposals and vote, thus giving rise to the opportunity for more consensus-driven, sociocratic and democratic governance structures. 

Accounting and treasury management 

Imagine having access to see how much money your community or organisation has, and how they are spending it. Imagine knowing exactly how much your co-creators are being compensated for their contributions, and exactly who has equity in the organsiation. This type of transparency enables every member to know who they are serving, how fairly resources are being managed, and how healthy the finances are. Such a reality eliminates fear of the unknown, promotes equality, and ultimately creates trust within the organsiation. DAO technology enables every financial transaction to be recorded on-chain, and for the organsiations treasury to be available to look at simply by logging in as a member, or a non-member depending on how it’s structured!

These are just some examples of why Club DAO believes in DAO technology. 
If you’re ready to launch your own DAO then please, join the ACCELERATOR.

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